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Portfolio logo - Whistler Canada PCOE 2015 - white versionPortfolio logo - Whistler Canada PCOE 2015 - white version
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What They're Saying

 …We are thrilled with the work that Sharon [Brandcouver] did for us for our new logo design and rebrand. Our company was long overdue for a refresh and we struggled for some time to find a designer that understood our desire to take the legacy of the past 20+ years and transform it… 
—Vivian Tsogas, Rare Indigo Destination Management

About Brandcouver

Brandcouver is the culmination of experience and backgrounds in design of two logo fanatics, Sharon Chow and Kyle Lincoln, Vancouver logo design specialists. 

Bringing logo design to Vancouver, we are local graphic designers that ride our bikes year round and embrace the rain. We work with you to understand the challenges your business faces, why you must face them, and if there are broader steps that can be taken. 

At Brandcouver we strive to build identities that will stand the test of time by marinating each with meaning. We do so by helping your business’ voice reach its target customers. We are branding consultants by choice because we thrive on seeing clients succeed; and because we're focussing on restaurants, we love it when a good place sticks around for us to enjoy!

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Kyle Lincoln Greyscale Portrait Photo

Kyle Lincoln

Kyle is a logo crafter, avid reader, and writer. His experience expands across a wide spectrum of clients such as Nandos, Shaw Business, and Destination Canada. 

Growing up, it didn’t take him long to go from doodles to design. Kyle’s previous work in identities for conferences and events left him longing for something more enduring. He’s got a vested interest in helping businesses thrive and an eye for brand incongruences. 

In Vancouver he can be found scoping out his client’s location and/or the nearest gelateria and is always up to discuss your project or favourite flavour.

Sharon Chow Greyscale Portrait Photo

Sharon Chow

Sharon is a logo designer, brand specialist, problem-solver, illustrator and foodie at heart. Her appreciation of a well-crafted healthy meal is only matched by her love of carefully thought out design—eye candy without purpose is junk food and empty calories. That is why as a designer, she strives to create meaningful connections where form follows function.

Along with her passion to create delicious designs, she has developed a range of experience through in-house design positions and a variety of freelance projects. All of them lending to her expertise in logo design.