Aerospace, Defence & Security Expo

Repositioning for take-off

The Aerospace, Defence, and Security Expo is a three day event where heads in these industries can gather, do business, and learn from keynotes. Since 2013, the expo has preceded and tied into the annual Abbotsford Air Show.

As a growing event, there are greater needs for promotional, signage, and print material. Varying formats made the original wordmark increasingly difficult and costly to reproduce and format in a consistent way: sometimes the wordmark was all in one line, and other times broken into three. Without a consistent symbol, ADSE stood to lose potential attendees based solely on the fact of dodgy recognizability.

Down arrow line drawing icon

Research, Research, Research

Discovery lead us to the key value propositions for the Aerospace, Defence and Security Expo: it’s tied to an airshow; it’s the only one like it in North America; and it has the opportunity to establish itself as an authority. Creating an acronym and developing a logo design that works everywhere in full or one colour and is usable year over year were our tertiary goals. Enter the dynamic takeoff of F15s, the iconic Mt. Baker backdrop, and engaging bold lettering with subtle references to NASA.

ADSE Abbotsford 2015 Full colour logo
2014 ADSE logo and booklet compared to 2015 ADSE logo and booklet

Before / After

Limitless runway

In 2015, engagement increased and registration came in quicker than any previous years. The logo is now scalable with the event and versatile in application in full colour print and one colour screen prints. With its application, promotional materials are now consistent and the event’s brand is bolstered with each piece.

Consistent Logo Design Applications

ADSE Abbotsford 2015 logo applied to name badges

Conference name badges by attendee type.

ADSE Abbotsford 2015 logo applied to a portable USB charger

Screen printed portable USB charger.