How it Works

Indifferent to intrigued

How it Works was a proposed two-day symposium put on in collaboration with the Government of BC built to increase awareness and interest in trade careers. Kids under 12 come to an interactive event with engaging presentations and activities on digital kiosks.

Trade careers can often be seen as two-dimensional. In an age of digital apps, physical tools are seen as being cold and hard to a child and are becoming more and more foreign. They lack the immediate vibrancy of the screen and seemingly lack depth. Without a strong ability to attract kids their message would go completely unheard.

Down arrow line drawing icon

Connecting with the kids

Research lead us to understand that no trade works entirely in isolation. Each have their own specialities and requirements but can often overlap and interconnect with one another when it comes to construction. We took this interconnectedness and overlooked depth and revealed it through pipes and conduit that intertwine. We strengthened its appeal to the younger audience with bright bold colours and a playful motif that could easily be animated.

How it Works Full colour logo
How it Works logo in activity booklet

Going viral the old-fashioned way

Through an extensive marketing campaign, the goal was to send out branded promotional materials directly to teachers as well as through direct mailers. At the event, branded lunch bags would be provided along with t-shirts and pins that would build on the child’s engagement, but also be a takeaway and talking point with their friends.

Putting it All Together

How it Works logo printed on a brown paper bag

Printed take-away recyclable lunch bag.

How it Works logo on a T-shirt, name badge, buttons, business cards, and an iPhone

Symposium swag for the kids.