PCOE 2015 Whistler

Bigger Goals at Greater Heights

Year over year, the President’s Circle of Excellence program for a large pharmaceutical corporation hosts a multi-day reward experience for top sales people. The reward is typically hosted in a tropical climate with corresponding promotional material.

Sales have been down and the budget has continuously been slashed for the program. As a US based company, Whistler with the exchange rate makes a lot of sense; however the challenge is creating the same excitement in a Winter locale as a tropical one and breaking away from the literal interpretations of sunsets and palm trees.

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Understanding the problem

Just like sunsets and palm trees, the initial thoughts were of the literal variety like snowflakes and icicles. Returning to the discovery information, the realization was that there was nothing more chilling to sales than ice for this group. However, history was made at the 2010 Olympics in Whistler and this was a perfect opportunity to parlay this sense of pride to their sales people. From a practical sense, it needed to be versatile from digital to print and to the unexpected. Standing tall atop Whistler / Blackcomb is the inukshuk, symbol of the games, rendered in 1920’s Art Deco aesthetic to convey a long standing history—creating something to strive for and a new legacy to write.

Whistler Canada PCOE 2015 Full Color Logo


Whistler Canada PCOE 2015 logo showcased on iPad

Utilizing a promotional print and digital campaign using this logo, numerous sales people exceeded their goals and were selected to attend PCOE 2015 where the identity was carried through-out. They were rewarded with logo emblazoned swag that would further cement their sense of achievement and inspire them for years to come.

Small Rewards for Big returns

Whistler Canada PCOE 2015 logo screenprinted on a tote bag

Custom screen printed tote bag.

Whistler Canada PCOE 2015 logo embroidered on a red scarf with an event guide

Embroidered scarf and custom event guide.