Platform 7

Bean to brew, a whole new roast

Platform 7 is a Vancouver coffee shop that provides hand-crafted espresso and coffee brew bar drinks. Their coffee experience is unique and inspired by the Victorian-era London & Belle Époque Paris train station setting.

Platform 7 was expanding to a second location. They could proceed producing signage and collateral with their previous logo, however it was giving customers the wrong impression of the cafe’s unique selling point. They were at crossroads because it would be more cost-effective to solve the problem now rather than redoing all their graphics down the road.

Down arrow line drawing icon

Truly Understanding The Problem

While we came to understand their coffee shop’s concept, we realized what the logo design needed was a fresh take on the same concept to put them on the right track. Their established logo design at the first location was not too off the mark. Refreshing the design would allow their first location to stay somewhat close to brand in the interim while the second could start fresh with a more effective logo design.

Platform 7 full colour logo
Platform 7 logo applied to website and showcased on an iPad

Aligning Promise with Delivery

Platform 7 has since launched its second location in Kitsilano fully outfitted with the new logo. Their new cohesive identity drives in more and more customers every day because their logo design offers a promise that Platform 7 delivers on.

Spreading The Word One Cup at a Time

Platform 7 logo screen printed on a glass espresso cup.

Stay-in glass espresso cup.

Platform 7 logo applied to a paper cup.

To-go paper cup with new logo.