Our Process

At Brandcouver we believe in transparency of our process. There is no magic that transforms a message into a logo design. We dig deep to understand the problems at hand and work diligently to solve them.

Discovering Challenges

It all starts with the initial discovery questionnaire. Your answers kick start the process of getting to know your business, where, why, and how we can help. We’ll continue digging beyond that to fully understand what your business is and who your business is trying to reach. We want to ensure this project is a good fit so we can deliver to you the best we have to offer.

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Digging Deeper

After the initial discovery questionnaire we’ll follow-up with subsequent questions, all the while starting our research process. We do not quote on projects until we have a firm grasp on your business and the problems that need solving. This is all unbilled time as our sole focus is your success regardless of the outcome. Every business is unique and it would be unfair to yours if we treated it as any other.

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Confirming Goals

At this point we will reiterate back to you your goals and ensure that we're on the same page.

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Preparing the Contract

Once we're on the same page, we’ll continue on to quote a flat rate. We do not bill hourly and there will be no surprises at the end of the contract. We’ll also advise you of the time frame necessary and when we are available to begin the project. We’ll send you the contract, at which time the deposit will be due.

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Researching Directions

Once we start, we will be digging into your competitors, probably checking out your location, and potentially asking more questions if needed. We’ll be mind-mapping and finding connections. We’ll be sketching. We’ll be flipping our notebooks, looking at everything from new angles.

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Developing Ideas

All of this will be necessary as Brandcouver discards concepts that do not work and develops the single concept that will work best. This concept will meet your business’ goals and message most effectively. We spare you from making these difficult design decisions so you can focus on the other facets of your business.

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Refining the Solution

Next comes the polish. This concept will then be refined and revised continually until there is no friction between your message and your target audience.

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Presenting Your Logo

Your business’ logo will then be presented to you, outlining the rationale and how it came to be. You will understand how it meets your goals and why. This will be important for its future usage and how you can use it as your business scales.

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Delivering Assets

The remainder of the investment will be due and we will send the final packaged deliverables upon receipt.

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Applying Results

This logo can now be used on trucks, your signage, and your website (and everything in between)! You’ll have what you need for your business. We believe in all of our relationships and will continue to guide you with its usage to ensure you get the best return.

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