Rare Indigo

Writing the next chapter

Rare Indigo is a full-service Destination Management Company based in Vancouver, BC, specializing in creating meetings and incentive programs in Western Canada. After 20+ years, the Rare Indigo brand has become well recognized throughout the industry.

Their logo, website, and outward identity had become dated and stale. As time went by they risked losing more and more clients to competitors that appeared to have a firmer grasp on the now; however history behind their brand was deeply rooted in their logo design and so it was a difficult decision to move on.

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REcalibrating An Identity

Understanding the history that three iconic wolves brought to their logo was essential to the solution. The goals were to maintain as much brand recognizability as possible, remain playful and approachable, and convey the big picture thinking of Rare Indigo. Their future clients are now greeted with a ‘once in a blue moon’ opportunity in a friendly way with their legacy intact: captivating events built from the sum of their parts.  

Rare Indigo Destination Management full colour logo
Custom moulded chocolates from Rare Indigo moon logo elements with a Rare Indigo sticker

A Lasting Logo

Prospects now arrive to a website and office that has been completely overhauled complete with wall decals and signage. They’ve fully embraced the new design without hesitation and visitors can now truly feel the vibrancy and playful nature that Rare Indigo has to offer. Clients can now fully realize Rare Indigo’s forward thinking nature of this generation.

Embracing Change

Rare Indigo designed stationery, including thank you card, and front and back of business cards

Business cards and client thank you card.

Rare Indigo logo stickers

Versatile stickers for any application.