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— Discovery Questionnaire —

Hi, we're Brandcouver. You are?

About the discovery questionnaire

We've crafted 35 questions to better understand your business and the challenges—but your business is bigger than a single list of questions can answer. Consider this a hand-shake. It’s nice to meet you! 

We’ll dig deeper where necessary throughout the process. We highly recommend you read our process before continuing. The primary focus of the discovery questionnaire is your business’ objectives and to make sure this relationship will be a good fit for right now. The purpose is to discover the necessary goals and what is at stake with your business’ logo and not the specific aesthetics of the design itself.
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Nice to meet you! Let's get started.

Let's talk a little about the past.

Good to know.

What else is there to know?

Tell us about your customers.

We're all ears.

What else can you tell us about them?

You've got a great product. Where does it sit in the market?

Great stuff. Keep it coming.

Think like a laser.

Let's get tuned in.

What's out there?

Can you elaborate?

Let's say the logo is already designed…

Thinking bigger picture…

Traditional <> Modern
Friendly <> Corporate
High End
High End <> Cost Effective
Cost Effective

Looking forward.

Let's talk even bigger picture.

The tough questions.

The home stretch.

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